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Message from the Principal

Greetings Parents and Families of Ringgold High School


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! My name is Mr. Marchello Gates and I am grateful and fortunate to serve as the new Principal of Ringgold High School.  I pray that you are well and enjoying your last few days of summer.  We are busy preparing for this school year.

Safety for my students and staff is my first priority.  Therefore, I can assure you that we are doing everything possible to make certain our return to school is safe as possible and beneficial to all students’ educational needs.  Also, I can assure you that we are following all mandates and guidelines set by state legislature and the CDC. 

Louisiana is currently in Phase II due to COVID-19; therefore, Bienville Parish Schools will return to school using a hybrid model schedule. All staff will return to school on August 3rd and the students will return on August 17th.  The hybrid schedule consists of students attending school using an AB/AB system of attendance to minimize class sizes and implement social distancing. The A group will attend class on Mondays and Wednesdays, completing online or paper assignments on Tuesday/Thursday. The B group will attend class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, completing online or paper assignments on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays are a time of distance learning for all students. Take home meals will be provided for the days students are not on campus. Teachers will use Fridays to prepare, attend online professional development, as well as answer student and parent emails/questions.

 Our guidelines are as follows:

  • At this time, we are in Phase II so we will use the hybrid model schedule for our return to school. (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR THE HYBRID EXAMPLE)
  • Transportation- Students will practice social distancing while on the bus.  Students of the same immediate family can sit together on assigned seats. Students in grades 3rd – 12th are required to wear masks.  If a student does not have a mask, one will be provided by the bus driver.  Students will sanitize hands when entering and exiting the bus.  
  • Once students get to school all students will sanitize their hands at the hand dispensers arranged at the front entrance.  (ONLY ONE ENTRANCE WILL BE USED TO ENTER & EXIT THE SCHOOL)
  • Daily temperature readings – Each student will be required to have his/her temperature taken at the start of the school day when entering the building. Students with a fever or obvious symptoms will report directly to the isolation room. Students who register a temperature above 100.4 will have his/her temperature taken again. If students present positive for a fever, the school will notify the parent.  They may not return to school until cleared by a physician.
  • All students and staff members’ temperature will be checked at the front entrance.  Anyone with a temperature 100.4 or above will be sent home.  (ONLY ONE ENTRANCE WILL BE USED TO ENTER & EXIT THE SCHOOL)
  • Students will be required to wear mask during entrance (entering/exit) periods and class transitioning; however, students will be allowed to take their mask off once they are seated and 6 feet apart. 
  • Limited congregation during recess/lunchtime – A limited number of students will be allowed in the cafeteria and other areas where students/employees congregate. 
  • Classroom tables or desk will have the sufficient spacing to adhere to social distancing requirements set by state legislature and the CDC. 


Virtual School

For parents with students conducting school business and teaching/learning completely online. Campus visits will be scheduled by school administrators and will comply with state and local guidelines. Teachers will be required to be online during their regular scheduled class times each day. Online support training for parent is coming soon.  I will provide dates for online support training as soon as possible.

Attendance Requirement

The school district will follow all state guidelines regarding attendance. Attendance will be based on completed assignments. Students will be expected to be online in order to count for attendance purposes. Students will demonstrate their learning by completion of assignments per day. Lack of participation will be counted as an absence. The students will be marked as absent and be required to complete the work. They will be given the opportunity to make up any work through the attendance recovery program.


Marchello Gates



Hybrid Model

Combination of Traditional and Virtual Models.


  • Group A @ school
  • Group B @ home


  • Group B @ school
  • Group A @ home


  • Group A @ school
  • Group B @ home



  • Group B @ school
  • Group A @ home


  • Group A & B @ home
  • Teachers @ school facilitating, monitoring, responding, planning, and assigning online learning components





Ringgold High School

Dress Code 2020-2021


*Note- Pay close attention to the wording in bold.  These items may have either changed, or will be given more attention to.


Students shall be expected to maintain a neat, clean, well-groomed appearance at school or school function. No article of clothing shall be bizarre in style, unsuitable for school activities, or of a nature to call undue attention to the wearer. Since school life prepares students to take their place in adult life, these requirements are expected of all students. The first responsibility for maintaining proper standards belongs to the student and parent/guardian. The school will deal with this responsibility when the student or parent/guardian fails to recognize this need.

All students will be required to follow the dress code. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children wear the designated school clothing as outlined below. There shall be no alterations.



Blue Jeans, Navy, or Khaki Pants

Shorts are permitted but must not be of an athletic or sweatpants material.  They must also be of proper length. 

Shirts must have sleeves and may not hang below your pockets.  

Shirts ARE NOT required to be tucked in but may not hang below the bottom of your pockets.

Sweat pants, athletic pants, and pajama pants are prohibited.



Blue Jeans, Navy, or Khaki Pants or Capris

No tights, leggings, or yoga pants will be allowed.

Shorts are permitted but must not be of an athletic or sweatpants material.  They must also be of proper length. 

Skirts no shorter than 2” above the knees

Shirts must be worn in a modest manner.  They should not be low cut in a way that exposes cleavage.  Sleeves must cover the shoulder.  

Shirts ARE NOT required to be tucked in but may not hang below the bottom of your pockets.

Sweat pants and pajama pants are prohibited.





You may not wear any jeans that expose skin above the knee.  


Bandanas are prohibited.


Belts must be worn and buckled IF pants will not stay above the hips without a belt.


NO SAGGING PANTS - Uniforms MUST FIT at waist and crotch. NOTE: Sagging is wearing pants on the hips or in a way in which part of the buttocks or undergarment of any type (underwear, shorts, sweats etc…) is showing.


** Sagging pants will not be tolerated.  A student may be sent home and not allowed to return until their pants fit at the waist properly.

*   Minimum length for girl’s skirt or dress shall be 2 inches above the top of the knee. Splits or slits for skirts or dresses should not be more than 2 inches. 

*   Thong sandals, shower shoes, or house slippers are not to be worn.  SANDALS MUST HAVE A BACK TO BE WORN AT SCHOOL.

*   Picks, combs, other pointed items or wallets with chains are not to be carried at anytime

*  Trench coats are not allowed.

*   No rollers of any type should be worn in the hair.

*  Obscene or occult writings, profane language, provocative pictures, alcohol and tobacco or distasteful advertising on clothing or jewelry is prohibited.

*  Male students are not allowed visible piercings of any type. Female students may wear two earrings and one facial small facial piercing. Covering piercings with a band aid is not acceptable and new piercings will not be an excuse.



  1. Students should be neat and clean at all times with proper attention to body cleanliness
  2. Clothing for special activities should have the permission of the principal.
  3. Students deemed by administration to be inappropriately dressed may face disciplinary action.




                                                                          ________ ________________                    


                                                                                     Mr. Marchello Gates

                                                                                      High School Principal

Revised 7/10/20